ERP Evaluation and Implementation for Drone and Sensor Technology Company

ERP Evaluation and Implementation for Drone and Sensor Technology Company


The client was grappling with the limitations of their existing QuickBooks accounting solution and was considering migrating to an enterprise-grade ERP solution to scale beyond their current business and system limitations. The client had several “must-haves” that needed to be addressed, including the ability to integrate three business units into a single solution, interface with critical inventory management systems, and scale to enable a unified manufacturing process.


Recognizing Altum’s knowledge of the ERP landscape and its proprietary Software Selection methodology, the client chose Altum. The client was impressed by Altum’s ability to assess complex business processes, overcome their current system limitations, and synthesize them into tactical and actionable implementation plans. Altum transitioned the client’s finance and accounting operations from three legacy ERP environments to a unified next-generation ERP environment aligned with their growth and future goals. The Altum Crew worked alongside the business teams to enhance the business processes and implement an ERP system that enabled the future growth of the business. As part of this process design, Altum optimized the client’s product to refine the client’s SKUs, remove and reduce business and system friction, and improve customer satisfaction by speeding up product delivery. Altum also designed and facilitated the design and build of key workflows and processes within the ERP system. These workflows and processes unified the unique needs of the separate business units using a more efficient and sustainable approach.


The new ERP solution provided financial clarity in the near- and long term and enabled more efficient warehouse management to reduce product time-to-build. It relieved the pain points that hindered the client in the past. Altum enabled a cross-functional and unified financial close to improve financial decision-making and provided increased visibility to inventory and products available within the factory. Altum was also able to define and drive the development of key reports within the ERP environment that enabled increased visibility, demand forecast, and enabled the management team to remain out in front of the business. Replacing the client’s Legacy ERP environment enabled a unification of the client’s people and processes and enabled all three elements of the Altum Wave Methodology to work in concert to create maximum value. The technology implementation synchronized processes to bring all corners of the business together to increase efficiency and identify cost improvements, empowering its people with improved visibility and more structured planning and production readiness.

  • Date May 16, 2024
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