Enhance Internal Controls to Improve Accounting and IT Procedures for an Ad and Marketing Tech client

Enhance Internal Controls to Improve Accounting and IT Procedures for an Ad and Marketing Tech client


The client, who operates in the advertising and marketing technology industry, was dealing with an inadequate financial system that lacked proper controls. This was mainly due to the use of outdated and separate systems, manual processes, and accounting software that was not suitable for their expanding business requirements.


Altum, renowned for its agile and practical approach led by seasoned experts, took on the client’s challenge. The Altum Crew reimagined processes, integrated critical systems, and strategically implemented an ERP that perfectly aligned with the client’s unique requirements. This paved the way for the establishment of internal controls and a risk and control matrix (RCM). The Altum Crew charted a bold and aggressive, yet practical, remediation timeline that prioritized timely and effective execution. Consequently, innovative solutions and core processes tailored to the client’s pressing needs were implemented within the set timeframe and budget. The client’s distinctive position in their industry and unique needs necessitated a tailored solution that mirrored the unique nature of their challenge. Through inclusive collaboration with key stakeholders and an engagement underscored by active participation, the Altum Crew was able to outline and establish processes that seamlessly integrated with the client’s work culture and implemented cutting-edge technology that enhanced their accounting and IT needs.


Altum’s unwavering engagement with the client’s business and IT teams fostered a profound understanding of how established processes and technologies coexisted with the company’s people. This led to a solution and newly established processes that empowered these core organizational elements to complement each other and generate maximum value. The implementation of the new ERP system and the redesigned processes significantly enhanced the client’s controls environment, rendering it more efficient and effective.

  • Date May 21, 2024
  • Tags Case Study, Operational Excellence Case Studies, Strategic Growth & Digital Transformation Case Studies