Create a Change Management Program for a Workday System to Meet the Organization’s Evolving Needs — an Insurance Tech Company Case Study

Create a Change Management Program for a Workday System to Meet the Organization’s Evolving Needs — an Insurance Tech Company Case Study


Due to the rapidly evolving set of business requirements and high velocity of changes, an innovative approach was needed to manage and communicate changes within the Workday environment. Their existing unmanaged approach to configuration, master data, and workflow changes within their financial and human capital management solution led to disruptions in business processes, resulting in solution downtime and compliance issues.


The client selected Altum based on our demonstrated knowledge of in-scope technology and proven ability to deliver similar programs in complex operating environments. Altum’s tailored program was built with a thorough understanding of business requirements, technical teams, and multi-national stakeholders. The program allowed for the assessment, approval, and proactive communication of changes across business units and solution stakeholders. It also facilitated the identification of cross-functional impacts to prevent system disruption, sequencing of solution changes around business milestones and critical dates, and alignment with compliance requirements.

Altum’s implementation of an efficient and effective change management program gave the clients what they needed. This was achieved through a systematic approach that involved assessing, prioritizing, and outlining requirements. Altum’s quick understanding of the organization’s needs and agile program development ensured a successful implementation across the entire enterprise. Altum’s methodology created tailored elements that provided the client with a desired level of understanding regarding requested changes, prevented adverse system changes and impacts, and ensured proper approval and governance.


Implementing the Change Management process led to a more stable solution for the client. The client benefited from economies of scale through parallel processing batches because the teams could communicate easily with all stakeholders. A comprehensive cross-functional impact assessment process allowed the team to create more robust testing and identify the effects of changes during critical periods such as month-end close.

Altum successfully combined people, process, and technology to design, manage, and implement the Change Management program. Altum gathered input from key stakeholders through open dialogue and a hypothesis-based approach, balancing team members’ perspectives and requirements with leading best practices. Altum also utilized critical components of the client’s existing technology solutions to provide a familiar and sustainable solution for the organization. This resulted in a streamlined and efficient process that was eventually embraced beyond the Workday solution.

  • Date May 21, 2024
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