Altum Enables Transformation by Migrating and Validating Supplier Data for Oracle Cloud ERP

Altum Enables Transformation by Migrating and Validating Supplier Data for Oracle Cloud ERP


The client’s business had grown through acquiring key and complementary businesses. However, each business unit operated within separate accounting and procurement systems, leaving the top-level organization without a unified view. Data points spread across disparate systems significantly hindered consistent and consolidated financial and supplier reports. This situation limited visibility for finance leaders, diluted the translation of information, and reduced accuracy in strategic planning and decision-making. As the client transitioned to Oracle Cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Altum was tasked with migrating and validating dynamic and inconsistently maintained supplier data from various ERP environments to the new Oracle solution.


Building on a prior relationship with Altum, the client selected Altum due to the significant level of trust between the two organizations and Altum’s success with similar data migration and validation services. Altum successfully drove the conversion and migration of the supplier data from several disparate legacy ERP environments and validated the financial information within the client’s next-generation ERP system. Altum assessed current data practices and distilled them alongside the client to identify which data transformations would benefit the organization most. Altum also proved to be a trusted third-party assessor of financial data and created a shared vision with leadership teams on the migration’s priorities aligned with the organization’s goals. Through careful design and communication of the plans and deliverables, Altum implemented a business-driven risk framework and process, resulting in consistency across stakeholders and enabling cross-functional buy-in and ownership.


Throughout the engagement, Altum drove critical improvements in the data’s quality and usability, enabling the client team to have greater visibility and reporting consistency. Altum was instrumental in the complete and thorough validation of the financial and reporting data across multiple systems. This independent analysis and validation of the quality of the transformed financial data within the next-generation ERP environment enabled the organization to rely on crucial integrated reports and financial metrics. The resulting transformations empowered the client with new, more comprehensive levels of reporting and increased process visibility. As part of transforming from the legacy ERP to the next-generation ERP solution, Altum left the client with a solid foundation for the new processes.

  • Date May 16, 2024
  • Tags Case Study, Intelligence, Data & Technology Insights, Strategic Growth & Digital Transformation Insights