Software Selection

Software Selection


Altum’s software selection approach provides a framework to facilitate the selection of a solution that meets the current and future organizational needs. As part of the six-step selection process, Altum provides an independent point of view of the technology market while assisting our client in asking the right questions. The approach is modular in nature and can be executed sequentially as one project or over the course of two projects.

Requirements Focus

  • Through detailed discussion and inquiry with key business stakeholders, Altum will develop a robust requirements matrix focused on clearly defining organizational needs and requirements.
  • Develop detailed software and vendor score sheets to provide an unbiased framework enabling clients to select the optimal software provider and/or third-party vendors.

Analyze & Position

  • Assist organizations with developing an approach that enables the adoption and implementation of new software solutions to maximize return on investment.
  • Develop strategic road maps for each of the prospective ERPs to lay the groundwork for future enhancements, optimizations, scaling, and adoption of the new solution for the organization.

Fair & Unbiased Selection

  • Drive a requirements based, quantitative approach to developing software and vendor selection enables organizations to effectively assess solutions by comparing and contrasting a wide range of features and benefits.
  • Enable the finalized selection of a new software provider or vendor based on detailed requirements, cost to own and implement, and organizational best fit.

Altum’s software selection approach is technology and software agnostic and has been successfully applied across the following software packages:

Enterprise Resource Planning

Human Capital Management

Enterprise Middleware

Enterprise Budget Planning & Management

Customer Relationship Management

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)

Analytics Solutions

Data Warehousing

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