Quality Assurance Assessments

Quality Assurance Assessments


ltum’s Quality Assurance approach can be applied across all types of projects. These assessment services are aimed at providing organizations with a proactive approach to identifying and managing risks within key organizational initiatives, programs, and projects. These assessments are focused on identifying risks that can be mitigated before they become issues and before they result in costly mistakes. These assessment services include frequent touch points, resulting in the communication of findings as they are discovered, enabling the business team to design and work through issues in a timely manner, rather than waiting for a report to be delivered at the end of the project.

Assess Project Health

  • Conduct detailed reviews of project artifacts and conduct inquiry with key project stakeholders and team members to develop insights into overall project health and risk areas.
  • Document project risk areas and identify potential mitigation solutions.
  • Work with key stakeholders to build understanding and improve project ownership.

Build Robust Mitigation Plans

  • For all identified risks, develop plans to mitigate risks or approaches to resolve issues that have arisen during the project.
  • Develop a collaborative and time focused plan that enables the organization to adjust key timelines in a reasonable manner.
  • Build back the trust in the project management team.

Cross Team Collaboration

  • Implement a cross team, collaborative approach for identifying resolutions to observed issues and risks to help prevent future issues.
  • Develop communication plans and project approaches focused on colleting real time feedback and driving overall efficiency in delivery.
  • Provide management with up-to-date and accurate project status.

Altum’s quality assurance approach is technology and software agnostic and has been successfully applied across the following software packages:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) deployment and implementation projects

Human Capital Management deployment and implementation projects

Enterprise Middleware deployment and implementation projects

Enterprise Budget Planning & Management solutions

Customer Relationship Management selection processes

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) selection process

Analytics Solutions deployments

Data Warehousing & Cloud Providers

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