Founder, CEO & Managing Partner

Matthew is the Founder & Managing Partner of Altum Strategy Group. He has over 17 years of experience helping organizations develop and implement results-focused solutions. His approach is grounded in assessing organizational challenges and initiatives by taking a holistic approach across people, process, and technology. As a result, he assists organizations with the development of a pragmatic program that is executable and measurable. Matthew has been a recognized leader in the enterprise application, governance, risk and compliance, access management, business operations and transformation, and strategy spaces. He has worked with a range of clients, from startups to Fortune 100 organizations, and has extensive experience working with multi-national initiatives.​

Management Consulting: 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Cloud Migration Planning & Execution, IT Strategy & Governance, Program Management, Data Lifecycle Planning and Execution, Enterprise Software and Vendor Selection & Management, User Access Models, Business Process and Validation

SAP Experience: 

Program Management, Requirements Documentation and Management, Business Process Design, Build, Test, and Deployment (OTC, RTR, PTP, MM, AP, AR), Change Management Strategy and Execution, System Configuration & Validation, Data Management

QA & Validation Experience: 

Delivering for clients within a validated SAP environment, Developing and executing on a validation plan, auditing validated SAP systems, Delivered training for the long-term sustainability for key business processes