Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Application Security

Master Data Management


ltum’s integrates methodologies from business process management, data quality management, data privacy, and traditional master data management to provide accelerators for organizations to unlock the value of key data elements and ensure the integrity of the strategic assets. The “Altum Way” of Master Data Management is a bold and innovative approach that enables organizations to achieve success while removing inefficiency and waste.

Process Development

  • Establishing a clear focus on the ownership and stewardship of the data to drive efficient long term management.
  • Design and optimization of data specific processes and procedures to enable next-level data clarity and success.
  • Focus on continuous improvement and strategic initiatives to deliver next level data success.

Data Mapping & Process Analysis

  • Assessment and analysis of key data points as it migrates throughout key systems, such as source, consuming and termination systems.
  • Identification of key transformation points during the data lifecycle.
  • Complete process mapping to assist organizations understand key transformation points and to how to best derive value through reports.

Data Reporting & Analytics

  • Design of data reporting strategies to assist organizations with the prioritization of key reporting needs and requests.
  • Development of the reports to effectively measure and drive Key Performance Indicator (KPI) focused reporting.
  • Enabling a robust approach to the reporting to drive adoption of “next level” technologies, such as artificial intelligence.

Altum’s approach has enabled complex organizations to:

Gain a deeper understanding of key data within the systems.

Harmonize the data to reduce duplicative or erroneous data.

Report on key data points to drive more effective real-time decisions.

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