Integrated Risk Management

Integrated Risk Management


ltum has deep experience deploying Integrated Risk Management solutions for companies of all sizes. Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions have evolved beyond the traditional view of access risks, process controls, and risk management. The latest evolution incorporates all three of the traditional views of risk and introduces cyber security and data privacy as key components to the framework. This has driven innovation in the space across people, process, and technology to stay current with an ever changing business and regulatory environment.

Control Design & Framework Development

  • Assess and analyze existing business processes and compliance needs to develop or build out a framework that meets the compliance and operational needs.
  • Develop key controls to balance the everyday risks within the business and the need for efficient control execution to enable new levels of control while helping drive business accountability and engagement.

Audit Readiness & Design Assessments

  • Comprehensive assessments of an organization’s existing compliance posture to assess readiness to meet true compliance scrutiny from internal and external audit.
  • Provide a fair and unbiased assessment of the compliance and frameworks and internal controls to enable preparedness for external audit reviews and full-scale audits.

Audit Preparation & Execution Support

  • Partner with compliance, audit, controls, IT, and business teams to walkthrough a “Trial Run” audit assessments to provide organizations with a full awareness of key gaps in the controls, control execution, and the evidence. collection/generation process
  • Assist and coach key stakeholders to prepare for and conduct discussions with third party audit teams to identify and understand key risks and manage remediation activities.

Altum understands these challenges and is able to assist organizations with the following:

Enablement of user lifecycle management processes and technologies.

Deployment and modernization of compliance reporting engines.

Development of policies and procedures to support cyber security and data privacy initiatives.

Deployment of training and communication to raise awareness of risks across an organization.

Training and assistance with performance and testing of controls and control activities.

Identification of remediation activities for audit findings.

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