Infrastructure Design

Infrastructure Design


loud applications will continue to enable companies to run more efficiently, effectively, and with lower cost of maintenance. Cloud applications often simplify access, support needs, and infrastructure cost. Altum has designed infrastructure architecture to enable and leverage cloud applications and platforms. Altum’s team understands the challenges that accompany the migration to cloud applications and platforms. As a result, we are able to partner with companies to develop solutions that mitigate risk while enabling growth.

Cloud Readiness & Process Assessments

  • Assessments of organizational readiness to adopt cloud applications and replace critical on-premises solutions.
  • Analysis of key supporting processes and procedures that will support future cloud solutions.
  • Development of prioritized roadmap to engage key teams and enable efficient cloud application adoption.

Cloud Migrations & Adoption

  • Identification of key risks and challenges that may complicate strategic cloud migrations.
  • Development of prioritized and strategic project plans to enable the mitigation of identified risks.
  • Executive and Program Management and delivery of strategic enterprise level & individual solution migrations.
  • Insights into application and business process risks and uplift of corresponding controls and control activities.

Cloud Solution & Process Enhancements

  • Identification and prioritization of technical and process-based enhancements for meeting strategic goals and maximizing return on investment.
  • Utilization of proven methodologies to aid in delivery of incremental solution enhancements, while decreasing time to delivery and maximizing results.

Altum's Infrastructure Design Methodology is designed to:

Assist organizations with a roadmap and framework to achieve successful cloud solution adoption.

Drive the organizational adoption and help manage the organizational change necessary to successfully integrate and leverage modernized infrastructure solutions.

Enable a culture of controlled and compliant continuous improvement and future success with strategic solutions.

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