Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Application Security

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Application Security


ltum understands the complexity of balancing security with efficiency. ERP solutions are often referred to the heart, nerve center, or the brain of a company. This is because ERP solutions often house the most critical transactions, data points, and business intelligence in the organization. ERP solutions also have some of the most complex security models. Security models enable data access, transactional capability, and ultimately control the types of user access within the ERP solution.

Leading Practice Design

  • Applies leading practice approaches to design of ERP security architecture, including a focus on least privileged, yet complete and robust business access needs.
  • Design of security roles ideally includes considerations that are critical to the business and, best practice, and supportability for the life of the ERP.
  • Data driven approach and deep experience along with system and user information to identify quick wins and understand what permissions are required by job role and function.

Proven Build Approach

  • Collaborative¬† approach with ERP security teams and administrators to translate business needs and role design into technical and business roles.
  • Assists organizations to plan and execute detailed build, test and deployment plans with task level details and activities that support key project milestones.
  • Develop and deliver a security role design inherently free of Separation of Duties (SoD) violations to support control and compliance throughout the organization and to enable long term flexibility.

Robust Deployment

  • Results focused planning with EPR security teams and key stakeholders to develop customized deployment plans to create as seamless a security deployment as possible.
  • Proven methodologies for testing, issue resolution, and support help organizations of all sizes to adopt new security models with minimal disruption and impact to the business and system users.
  • Validation of customized support plans, and adjustment in real time to assess alignment to team and business needs.

Altum understands these challenges and is able to assist organizations with the following:

ERP Security Model Assessment Services

ERP Security Model Design, Redesign, or Remediation Services

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