Data Governance

Data Governance


ltum’s data governance approach blends practical experience with leading practices. This allows Altum to tailor data governance policies and approaches that meet the current and future needs of your company. The team will work with your company to understand the group’s needs, goals, and expected outcome. This will allow us to develop frameworks to effectively and efficiently identify, manage, and monitor your data.

Data Classification

  • Leadership focused approach enables the team to directly understand the integration points and strategic value of key business processes steps across organizational groups.
  • Development of strategic steps and changes that ease the overall organization through the reduction of non-value-added steps and functions.
  • Providing visibility to the business to key data source and consumer systems within the organization.

Data Stewardship

  • Partner with executive team to develop a data driven culture for the business, including the identification and training of Data Owners, Data Stewards, and Data Custodians.
  • Assess the organizations systems and coordinate with business process owners to define business terms and attribution as part of an Enterprise Data Catalog. 
  • Partner with the enterprise to query all key applications, integrations, and reports to construct a technical Data Dictionary. 

Policy Management

  • Partner with business process and application owners to determine an appropriate baseline set of data standards for the enterprise including but not limited to the formatting, definition, structuring, tagging, transmission, transformation, use, and management of data. 
  • Working with the legal and information security teams, provide a detailed assessment and recommendation of policy standards for encryption, tokenization, masking, obfuscation, anonymization, etc.

Altum understands these challenges and can assist organizations with the following:

Chartering and enabling a Data Governance Council

Selecting and training Data Stewards, Data Custodians, Data Owner

Building a technical Data Dictionary to support all data engineering and analyst activities

Building a Data Catalog to support collaboration and a single version of the truth

Developing a Data Classification schema and policy

Authoring accelerator Data Policy documents (Data Standards, Privacy & Security, etc.)

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