Data Governance

Data Classification


ltum's approach to data classification provides a framework for organizations to meet compliance and organizational goals, while positioning the data to enable new levels of data performance. As part of Altum's data classification process, Altum provides a unique third party, and best practice focused perspective to enable organizations to appropriate classify, categorize, manage and monitor data in a manner that is meaningful and positions parters to effectively utilize data as the building blocks for continued success.

Data Categorization

  • Data classification frameworks provide organizations with a structured approach to assess, classify, and leverage data to drive organizational objectives, such as growth, compliance, and risk management.
  • Leading edge data management approach enables organizations to drive meaningful value from existing data, while providing governance over sensitive or proprietary data.

Data Standardization

  • Based on the classifications and levels defined within the previous steps, Altum helps organizations define and standardize the approach to ownership and key tactical steps to maintaining data integrity and overall quality.
  • Development of key standards drive and enable organizational initiatives and ongoing maintenance with increased success.

Data Management

  • Once the data standards have been defined, organizations are empowered to design and build a holistic approach to managing the data within the environment.
  • Effective data management strategies will enable organizations to enhance the reporting, analytics and predictability of the business, enabling new levels of growth and insights across the organization.

Altum's approach provides organization with a robust approach to:

Identify potential risks associated with key data elements.

Develop and categorize risk classifications and action plans.

Classification and quantification of critical data within the environment.

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