Controls Integration

Controls Integration


ltum has deep experience with the development and optimization of IT General Controls (ITGC) and business process controls. Altum’s methodology is based on industry best practice and tailored to fit the needs of the organization. Efficient and effective controls require a balance of a leading practice approach and practical application. This allows organizations to operate efficiently, minimize disruption, and manage compliance and regulatory demands. In order to strike the balance, Altum works collaboratively with the business and compliance stakeholders to develop a practical and sustainable controls framework.

Controls Assessments

  •  Assessment and analysis of existing control frameworks to identify opportunities for enhancement, automation, and optimization to provide efficient and increased control over an operating environment or system.
  • Identification of any gaps and blind spots in controls frameworks.
  • Integration of controls within process maps to visualize risks and control points.
  • Identification of risk points in existing or future processes.

Controls Design & Validation

  • Facilitation of the design, uplift, and modernization of existing controls to reflect updates in processes or new solutions
  • Design of controls, along with the design and documentation of testing steps to validate completeness, accuracy and effectiveness.
  • Assistance in executing and documenting control procedures and test steps.
  • Development and implementation of tools and processes to standardize controls activities.

Audit & Controls Readiness

  • Preparation of the business and internal audit teams to respond to audit requests from internal and external audit teams.
  • Assistance in establishing reporting cadence with audit teams.
  • In-depth understanding of business processes, environments, and compliance requirements to assist with explaining both organizational-specific and controls-specific nuances to the external audit teams.

Altum's approach to Controls Integration provides clients with:

A strong position headed into an audit or compliance review

A robust set of business process and operating controls that meet the compliance needs and enhance the reliability of key processes

The ability to rely on the completeness and accuracy of the financial reports

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