Business Process Design

Business Process Design


ltum integrates “The Altum Way” to capture a holistic view of the day to day functions that make up the core business and IT processes. Altum begins the design or optimization process by developing an understanding of the company’s needs, an understanding of the current state, the key stakeholders, and the history behind the process. This provides a holistic view of the past, the present, and allows us to “re-imagine” future processes. As a result, Altum is able to design or optimize business or IT processes that drive scalable efficiencies and collaboration.

Enterprise Wide Approach

  • Leadership focused approach enables the team to directly understand the integration points and strategic value of key business processes steps across organizational groups.
  • Development of strategic steps and changes that ease the overall organization through the reduction of non-value-added steps and functions.

Efficient Approach

  • Experienced practitioners are able to leverage experience from organization to organization and develop tailored business solutions to meet the unique needs of each group.
  • Engaging team members and business leaders to embrace a question of “Why” to understand a process’s historical evolution and identify antiquated and inefficient steps.

Effective & Lasting Results

  • Designing processes that will be robust and deliver high value returns.
  • Building a culture of change to enable team members to constructively question processes, continuously evolving and improving key processes.
  • Enabling the business to efficiently deploy and utilize resources throughout the business.

Altum’s Business Process Design services provide organizations with:

Clear recommendations of quick wins to improve business process efficiencies.

Improved understanding of risk inherent to a process or process step.

Visibility into integrated controls to provide stronger governance over processes and financial/operational risks.

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